“Vele Hemels” in production

“Vele Hemels” is the adaptation of  the first and successful novel “Vele Hemels boven de Zevende” by Griet Op de Beeck.

Directed by Jan Matthys.
Cinématographied by Stijn van der Veken, SBC, ASC.
Production : Frank Van Passel with Caviar.
The shooting started the 8th of February and will last 35 days until the end of March.
Synopsis : Lou is twelve, Eva thirty-six, Elsie forty-two, Casper forty-six, and Jos seventy years old. Five people connected to each other, tell their story. About unexpected happiness that makes things difficult, on secrets that seem huge, about the complex art of being young, over obstacles which are mountains, that we can barely climb, continuing to try on, to where no man can continue.

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