24 hours of anger in Malasyia

by Lucas Jodogne

Lucas Jodogne is shooting in Malaysia and Singapore for the flm “Twenty-four hours of Anger” directed by T T Dhavamanni .


A Tamil spoken story about a Singaporean family who gets involved in drug traffcking. It is the frst feature flm he shoots on the RED camera. He has done many tests but still hasn’t seen a print coming back from the lab. He is not entirely happy with the camera.

“It doesn’t live up to its promises, it overheats and the electronic viewfnder is not good.The start up process is slow and we had many software freezes. I would have preferred to shoot on flm but it was a decision made by the production. It requires more light and more careful exposure on the set. On the other hand I am happy to test it out and I am confdent that the footage looks great if the post production can deliver.”

using the easyrig

Lucas uses the easy rig for the handheld shots which puts all the weight on his legs. It is a good solution for smooth and swift following of the action, even with heavy load.


a difficult shot but we pulled it of in timeusing the red & red primes

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