Cinematography in progress

Cinematography in progress

The influence of new technology on the teaching of cinematography.International conference (round table)

27 – 28 NOVEMBER 2014

Louvain La Neuve – Brussels (Belgium)

L’Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) in collaboration with The Belgian Society of Cinematographers, (SBC) will be hosting an international conference on the topic of the influence of new technology on the teaching of cinematography.With this invitation we hope to bring toghether teachers of cinematography from film schools of Europe and beyond as well as other professionals involved in the image workflow process. The purpose of this conference is to establish an open dialogue between cinematographers and film educators worldwide to share knowledge and challenges of teaching cinematography regarding the new technologies notably the digital workflow.The discussions will be held in 5 separate workshops with the following themes  :

• Camera technology

• Using of the monitor for aesthetic rendering control

• Digital workflow and sensitometry

• Color grading

• Cinematography for Visual Effects

Practical information  :

The round table conference will be held on Thursday 27 of November 2014 at Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium) and Friday 28 of November 2014 in Brussels. We are glad to offer you lodging and food during the conference at Louvain-La-Neuve.

In order to be able to prepare this conference please confirm your attendance before the 1st of september:

We will then proceed to forward you more information regarding your stay and the program of this festival.

It is with great pleasure that we hope to meet you at this conference and to share our professional experiences, hopefully to better inspire the futur professionals of filmmakers.