frank van den eeden wins flemish culture award for film 2013-2014

The Flemish Minister for Culture, Sven Gatz, presented Director of Photography Frank van den Eeden with the Flemish Community Award for Film 2013-2014. The presentation took place during the annual Gala of the Ensors at Casino Kursaal in Ostend.

From the jury report:


The jury selected Frank van den Eeden as laureate because of his special dramaturgical insights and his attitude and work ethics which may serve as an example for both his colleagues and the younger generation. The way in which Frank van den Eeden fleshes out the profession of Director of Photography is characterised by some exceptional talents. Because of his special dramaturgical insights, his work is not just limited to creating nice pictures, but also entirely devoted to the story. Also, like no other he respects the style of a film and realises it in full keeping with the director’s vision and the film’s needs. From the first preparations until the final touches, months after the shooting, he envisages the result of the films he is working on. Due to his talent for always committing himself to a project he is probably one of Flanders’ most versatile Directors of Photography.

Moreover, Frank van den Eeden exudes a natural calm which immediately wins him the respect of any film crew. This is a not-to-be-underestimated gift for a Director of Photography, who is one of the key figures on a film set. Frank van den Eeden has always chosen to extend his area of activity. As long as he can work together with a director with a vision, any project is a potential challenge. As a result, his name features in the credits of many different film genres and television series. Directors of both popular films and auteurist cinema find what they are looking for with Frank. Throughout the years he has attracted a host of supporters from across the Flemish film world. This has resulted in an extensive and impressive record of achievements, including ‘Kid’, ‘De behandeling’, ‘Het vonnis’, ‘The Invader’, ‘Swooni’, ‘Unspoken’, ‘Dossier K’ and ‘Een ander zijn geluk’. And we should add to that the countless number of short films.

Flemish Minister for Culture Sven Gatz said: “The master’s eye makes the horse fat. The eye of Frank van den Eeden lifts films to a higher level.”

by Frank Van Den Eeden

Frank Van Den Eeden


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