The emotions of a lens – cinematographers talking

The first rencontre, an evening of discussion, organized by the SBC technical committee was held at the HELB school in Brussels on the 27th of February 2014. It pleased us that many students from different film-schools, amongst them some aspiring cinematographers, and those who wanted to share their professional experiences with members of the SBC were present. The evening was besides being insightful also very sympathetic, starting with a welcome reception, then a round table talk, preceded by a short video montage of quotes from internationally renowned cinematographers. Ella van den Hove and Marijke Van Kets moderated this trilingual conference with a lot of input from the other SBC members and film professionals. After the lively conversations around topics such as: are cinematographers authors? the dialogue steered towards the concern of the film-students. A question surfaced on how they could differentiate themselves and their work from others? There were no straightforward answers but it provided room for thought and exchange. An outstanding feature of this evening was the possibility for the professionals to meet the young generation in a very casual and open manner. The event was concluded with a meet and greet around drinks with a lot of talk and ambience. Many thanks to all of the SBC for their participation and this evening has given the SBC technical committee enthusiasm to organize a second rencontre in November 2014. Gratitude is also due to the HELB school for the generous loan of their facilities and Rosanna Sini for organizing the access of the audience to their grounds.


Organizing Technical committee: Didier Frateur, Ella van den Hove, Marijke Van Kets

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