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About us

Mission statement

From a few initial contacts in 1993 between Pierre Lhomme in Paris and Luciano Tovoli in Brussels the idea emerged to create a Belgian society of professional directors of photography. On April 4th Tovoli invited about ten Belgian D.O.P.’s at an informal meeting, which was followed a week later by the decision to found the desired association. On December 11th of the same year the bilingual statutes were signed for publication in the “Moniteur”, the official Belgian statute book.

These ten founding members are: Michel Baudour, Raymond Fromont, André Goeffers, Michel Houssiau, Jean-Claude Neckelbrouck, Patrice Payen, Willy Stassen, Walther Vanden Ende, Yves Vandermeeren, Michel Van Laer. The SBC, short for BELGIAN SOCIETY OF CINEMATOGRAPHERS, resolves to defend the quality of work of the D.O.P.’s who are active in the better film production. It intends among other things to represent the D.O.P.’s with public authorities, in particular with IMAGO, which acknowledged the SBC as “active member”. This occurred in Rome on September 3rd and 4th, 1994.

The SBC works towards the following goals:

1 – Promoting the work of the D.O.P;
2 – Participating in manifestations, commissions, meetings, etc… related to
3 – Education, creativity, distribution, reproduction and archiving the cinematographic image;
4 – Protecting the recognition of the D.O.P. as author of the cinematographic image.

The SBC refrains from any activity related to trade unions, philosophy, politics or religion.

click here for the PDF files:
de statuten
les statuts

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