The emotions of a lens: Cinematographers talking.

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On the 27th of february the SBC technical committee is organising an evening of discussion. Topics that will be covered include: the influence of technology on the work of the cinematographer, is cinematography an art or a skill and are cinematographers authors ?

The evening is aimed at students and aspiring filmmakers and those who want to share their professional experiences with members of the SBC present.

We want to keep this event particularly sympathetic, starting with a welcome-drink and a snack, then the talk, preceded by a short video montage of quotes from internationally renowned cinematographers. These interviews were conducted by Marijke Van Kets during the ASC meeting, 2011 (U.S.) and Camer Image, 2012 (Poland).



starting at 18h

HELB site, RTBF intrance rue-colonel straat

to attend please confirm your presence: